Anne Arundel County

Average Home Price: $337,000

Population: 564,195 (July 2015)

Median Age: 38


Located on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, Anne Arundel County is home to some of the most coveted communities in the country. Residents agree that the best thing about living there is the accessibility to so many great places, while living in one that they rarely want to leave. The County is home to the state capital, Annapolis, and the United State Naval Academy.



Shopping and Entertainment:

Whatever your shopping needs- you will find in Anne Arundel County. From eclectic antique and boutique shops downtown Annapolis, to the high end Westfield Annapolis mall, to the various Towne Centers packed with shops and restaurants, you won’t need to go far to find what you’re looking for. 

The community is home to artists of all mediums- print, digital, performing, and visual. Residents and visitors can enjoy their talents through dozens of galleries, playhouses, theatres, and live music venues.



Get Outside and Explore:

 Most outdoor activities in Anne Arundel County revolve around the Chesapeake Bay. Sailing, power boating, fishing, swimming, and hitting the local beaches are among weekend activities of most residents. If water isn’t for you, you may find yourself at one of the pristine golf courses, biking the seemingly endless trails, enjoying one of the seven major parks, or exploring the rich history within the United States Naval Academy located downtown Annapolis.



Transportation and Commuting: 

Depending on where you live and work, you could get around without a car. Downtown Annapolis is extremely walkable and public transportation can get you to and from nearby locales. Additionally, you can hop on the local bus or circulator to get around Annapolis. In general though, most resident rely on a car for transportation.


Commuting to DC by personal vehicle: 45 minutes on average

Commuting to Baltimore by personal vehicle: 30 minutes on average


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